Completed PhD Theses

Stassen, E 2019, Ph.D. thesis, DTU Fotonik. 
Nonlinear Integrated Photonics. (Link will be available soon)

Ingerslev, K 2019, Ph.D. thesis, DTU Fotonik. 
Fibre Design for Advanced Space-division Multiplexing. (Link will be available soon)

Jones, R 2019, Ph.D. thesis, DTU Fotonik. 
Machine learning algorithms for emulation of nonlinear optical fibre impairments. (Link)

Muliar, O 2018, Ph.D. thesis, DTU Fotonik. 
Design of optical fibres with advanced modal control properties. (Link)

Gaiarin, S 2018, Ph.D. thesis, DTU Fotonik. 
Nonlinear Fourier transform for dual-polarization optical communication system. (Link)

Christensen, JB 2018Ph.D. thesis, DTU Fotonik.
Tailored four-wave-mixing processes for optical quantum information science. (Link will be available soon)

Lillieholm, M 2017Ph.D. thesis, DTU Fotonik.
Applications and Optimization of Optical Time Lenses based on Four-Wave Mixing in Highly Nonlinear Fibre. (Link)

Porto da Silva, E 2017Ph.D. thesis, DTU Fotonik.
Linear and Nonlinear Impairment Compensation in Coherent Optical Transmission with Digital Signal Processing. (Link)

Kamchevska, V 2017Ph.D. thesis, DTU Fotonik.
Optical Multidimensional Switching for Data Center Networks. (Link)

Yankov, M 2016Ph.D. thesis, DTU Fotonik.
Capacity Estimation and Near-Capacity Achieving Techniques for Digitally Modulated Communication Systems. (Link)

Israelsen, SM 2016Ph.D. thesis, DTU Fotonik.
Higher Order Mode Fibers. (Link)

Frellsen, LF 2016Ph.D. thesis, DTU Fotonik.
Topology Optimized Components for Mode- and Wavelength Division Multiplexing. (Link)

Park, GC 2016Ph.D. thesis, DTU Fotonik.
Vertical-cavity laser with a novel grating mirror. (Link)
7 MAY 2021