Flagship E

Quantum communications and single photon sources


To provide signal -sources and -processing for communication systems of the future 

  • On demand single photon sources for entangled qubit encoding
  • Photon pair generation by higher order modes (HOM)
  • Entangled optical angular momentum states and quantum key distribution (QKD) protocols
  • Theory and noise of advanced QKD
  • Silicon photonics for quantum communications

Methods and tasks

  • Explore nonlinear effects for on- demand single photon sources.
  • Explore  enhanced efficiency in quantum key distribution systems.
  • Optimize nonlinear effects while minimize spontaneous emission.
  • Waveguide design versus linear and nonlinear intermodal coupling.
  • Optimize coupling to/from higher order mode waveguides.




Flagship Leader

Karsten Rottwitt
Professor, Group Leader
DTU Fotonik
+45 45 25 63 84
18 APRIL 2021