Flagship B

Advanced multiplexing for ultimate capacity


Motivation and goals

  • Explore the fundamental capacity limits of ultimate transmission fibres by advanced 5D multiplexing.
  • Investigate the highest transmission capacity over such fibres with integrated silicon devices.
  • Explore networking scenarios for dynamically switching  among separate cores/modes by developing silicon chip multi-core fibre couplers integrated with switches.
  • 10 Pbit/s highest capacity transmission per fibre.




Methods and tasks

  • Development of advanced fibres and integrated silicon devices for advanced multiplexing.
    • Multi-core fibres with few-modes per core.         
    • Silicon coupling devices for multi-core/multi-mode fibres. 
    • Silicon devices for OAM-MUX/WDM.
    • Broadband nano-grating couplers for multi-core HOMs/ OAM modes.         
  • Optical processing of SDM, TDM, WDM dimensions.     
  • Capacity record hero transmission experiments using multi-dimensional data multiplexing - 100 to 150 spatial channels with multi-core HOMs/ OAM modes.

Flagship leader

Toshio Morioka
DTU Fotonik
+45 45 25 37 96
18 APRIL 2021